Exhibition space at 3520 St-Jacques

This rambling old industrial space at the Corner of St-Jacques and Rosa de Lima was originally a workshop for Canadian Pacific railroads, then a industrial boiler plant and air conditioner factory. At some point it was called the R.C. Plant Mechinery Depot as the faded sign indicates. Since 1997 it has been a private gallery owned by artist/sculptor Jean Brillant. The site features eclectic exhibitions of multi-media art, dance and music.

Inside the 3520

Jasmine Charboneau, Le sixième promotion

Myriam Dion, Thin newspaper cut-outs create various flora patterns.

Élise Massy - Gunther haranguant les troupes avant la bataille des Pyramides.
A witty takeoff on BATAILLE DES PYRAMIDES- Bonaparte haranguant l’armée avant la bataille des Pyramides le 21 juillet 1798 by baron Antoine Jean Gros. Here Napolean is relaced by Gunther von Hagens, the German anatomist and artist who invented the technique for preserving biological tissue specimens called plastination. The artists is perhaps asking if this technique of preserving human bodies is ethical and does it justify space in museums? (3520 St-Jacques, 2011)

Galerie BBAM!, 3255 rue St Jacques

Grimmage exhibit (April 2012) at Galerie BBAM! on St Jacques street across from Lionel Groux Metro.

Donati Arte, 1320 Rue Charlevoix, Pointe-Saint-Charles

Artists Corrado Donati and his wife Rosaria of Donati Arte Boutique are masters of commercial, decorative and fine art. They have a large collection of their works depicting typical Montreal and European scenes. They also boast a state of the art imaging, digital printing and framing studio.

Surface Jalouse, 2672 Notre-Dame W.

Manager of Surface Jalouse in the "Zilon room". Some recent works from the en Masse Art Collective (2012).


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